BTV SOLO Review – Secrets Exposed!!

DJ rockstarHi, I am Franklin and along with my best friend and support, I created this website to share my review and opinion regarding BTV Solo.

In this review I am going to share information I gather from the internet regarding this beat making software. Sadly, you have read reviews regarding this program on different website which is written by people who never tested this program once in their whole life.

I love music especially rock and hip hop songs from Jermaine Dupri and Gordon Williams. I not just love music instead music is my passion. I don’t leave any chance for testing beat producer software especially if it endorse by well-known songwriter and producers.

In this review I am going to share my opinion regarding BTV SOLO, then I explain some of the worthy features of this program and in the end I conclude my review by sharing $10 OFF (OR 20% OFF) discount coupon in case you decide to purchase it.

Also don’t forget to download my free music tracks that I create with BTV-SOLO.

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What is BTV Solo?

It is Windows and MAC based music producing software that is endorsed by some well-known musician, songwriter and producers. It is not just another beats production software instead it is backed by popular names in music industry and they have used this program in creating some popular hits in their life.

BTV SoloBTV Music Production Software helps you to create wall-pounding and heart-touching instrumentals from your computer by using nothing but your keyboard and speakers. This program able you to transform your computer in professional studio and created masterpiece in no-time flat.

BTV Music Production Software comes with powerful 16 track sequence, over 1000 sound kits and instruments, built-in mixer and sample editing tool. This little piece of software comes with every tool music industry is using to produce masterpiece one after other.

BTV is produced for all those music lovers that have passion for music but don’t know from where to start. BTV is created with ease of use in mind and it is one of the easiest beat-creating software you ever find. Almost every control is located on same screen which provide ease to create music using your computer keyboard and mouse.

Inside BTV you can load sample from sound-bank, sequence it, mix it and create new personal beat that will make everyone to get off their butt and dance crazily when you play in your party.

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Who created BTV Music Production Software?

Dallas AustinBTV Solo is created by Dallas Austin who is well-known Atlanta based American songwriter, record producer and musician who won 2x Grammy Awards for his heart-touching masterpieces. He worked with world’s greatest pop-singer Michael “The King of Pop” Jackson and many other singers like Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men, Deion Sanders and Lady Gaga.

Austin won certificate of Silver Status in UK for his hip hop songs and was honored as one of the Atlanta most Influential in 2011.

Dallas Austin produced numerous hit songs in his music career and now he is giving you chance to create same amazing and heart-touching master-piece right from your home with the help of your keyboard and mouse in no time flat.

BTV Music Production Software Features:

“Need Little Equipment” – After installing this program you don’t need any other tool or expensive music equipments for creating beats.

“Flexible Software” – It does not matter either you have Windows or MAC in your machine you can install BTV Solo and start playing with it.

“Pre-Loaded Tracks” – You will get 1000 Pre-loaded tracks which are created by professional music producers and you can used them in your songs.

“Built-in Mixer” – BTV comes with built-in mixer to adjust volume, effects, frequency and more

“Drum Kits” – You will also get 100 professionally created Drum Kits that are used in the production of hit music.

“Sample Editing Tool” – If you want to edit samples then you can used advanced sample editing tools like timestretch, pitch-shifting that comes along with this program.

These people recommended BTV Music production software

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Strong Points:

“Fast & Easy Navigation” – It does not matter either you are beginner or professional music producer, the navigation inside BTV SOLO is very fast and easy. With the help of keyboard shortcuts you will spend more time in creating amazing music quickly.

“.WAV Editing” – BTV able you to edit .wav audio files right inside the software and you are in full control of your track. You are able to modify each and every parameter.

“Drag-and-Drop Feature” – BTV comes with drag-and-drop feature which able you to drag any amount of music tracks (even 100s of tracks) into the pad and start working with them. A great time-saver feature!!

“Custom Instrumental Mode” – With this feature you can create your own custom instrument mode. It does not matter either you are working with pre-loaded sample music tracks or importing from CD you can quickly create your custom instrumental mode and start working with them.

“Kit Building” – If you like to create your own custom drum kit then you can quickly build drum kit with BTV tools in no time.

“60-days money back guarantee” – Dallas Austin taking all the risk and providing you full 60 days to test this great beats-creating software without any risk

Weak Points:

Michael Jackson“Needs Learning” – There are numerous features inside this program that is why it will take time to learn every feature and get most of it.

“No Searching Option” – The sound-bank of BTV is consist of 1000s sample but it lacks in searching option. There is no option to find samples quickly.

How much it Cost?

The known personalities of music industry who tested BTV SOLO wants Austin to charge $500 for this great piece of software but Austin wants everyone to use this program that is why he is offering this create software at $40 and you will get PRO Video Training Tutorial which walk you through with the complete list of features in this program and guide you how to make most out of every feature.

My Music Tracks with BTV:

I’ve tested this software by creating two music tracks

Here there are…

  • BLAZE:
  • Brang-Em-On:

If you are interested in creating music tracks like these then purchase BTV at $10 OFF and start creating these masterpieces

Final Verdict – Is it worth the money?

I know you are reading this review till the end because you want to know does it worth the money. At $40 I must say it is really no-brainer deal. BTV Solo is used by great musicians, songwriters and producers for creating masterpiece and now you have to ability to convert your passion in professional career.

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Here is the video which shows you good demo of this software

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